As for video hosting.  We are actually switching our primary site over to using Wistia right now (big process with over 2000 videos).  I love their sitemap feature.  We use Youtube to provide traffic and for branding and then try to compete with Youtube using the videos on our site.  However, competing with Youtube can be a difficult and often losing battle.  That being said the videos on our site raise our conversion rate so I can't really complain about that.
You don't have to check your video SEO ranking every single time. You can automate daily video ratings to your e-mail for absolutely free. Simply enter your email when results appear and we'll deliver your anticipated results to you mailbox. You can keep score of one video and one keyword for as long as you want. If you'd like to start ranking another video you can come to and type your e-mail address again. Your automating ranking tracking will be updated.
It good to see someone out there is genuinely trying to help out others to achieve their dreams and goal. Me and my husband have recently started a youtube channel by the name of “foodeasywithsana”. It is a channel about cooking. It has been so hard to get subscribers and views. We are trying to engage audience on many different social networking platforms but the response is very slow. Please can you help us out here. We are lost rightnow.
1. If you do the things in this video on Youtube you will rank on Youtube and have an excellent chance of having your Youtube video appear in the universal search results on Google.  However, people who click on that will be delivered to Youtube not your site.  The better that your video ranks on Youtube the easier the universal result will be to get. 
In terms of results I’m confident on, I use a combination of the strength of the correlation, statements from YouTube about what they value, and my own experience. And my experience is pretty much in-line with the data. The only one I was surprised to see was the effect of views as I see videos with fewer views outrank videos with significantly more.

I agree with you on building backlinks to your primary user channel page.  We link to that page from our site, our blog, our press releases etc.  However, there is also value in building links to the other pages on your channel including the video pages themselves.  It is helpful to think of your Youtube channel as a microsite that passes pagerank just like any other site.  The easiest links to build are the ones from inside of Youtube (subscriptions, comments, favorites all get posted on other people's walls).  If more influential and active users engage with you they pass you more pagerank.  Likewise external links also pass pagerank to specific pages on your channel that can then flow to your other pages.
Content is king, and this is a place for you to make sure that you have content. For us, I make sure that my writers write the descriptions. They take time. We write 300 to 400 to 500 words in a lot of cases. Maybe we'll do 200 or 300 words, and then we'll add the transcription below. But you want to make sure that you have something unique that's really about the video. Take the time to write it. It's really worth it.
One strategy that I use is to try and rank the videos on the different platforms for different purposes.  Many of my videos are product demonstrations.  For YouTube I try to directly rank for terms like "Machine Name Demonstration" or "How to Use Machine Name".  My site usually already ranks for the the machine name.  That means that I want to try and get a video thumbnail for that listing in addition to the Youtube video.  It is difficult but it can be done and when it happens the results are awesome.  You just have to remind yourself that if you are competing directly with Google/Youtube you will probably lose :)
If your audience is getting bored, YouTube is using that to determine how good your video really is. So, if people are watching it all the way through, if they're totally engaged, then YouTube is going to rank you better than somebody who has a video where they watch the first 10 seconds and they're out. So that's something to keep in mind. You're going to want to look at those reports and make sure that you have the attention that you need. And if you're not, do something to fix it. Make sure that your next video is awesome all the way through, or recreate that video with a new version that's going to garner the attention that you really, really want and need.
There is much you can do right with YouTube but there is also a lot of things you can do wrong! For instance all of my affiliate videos are on the same channel, if Google decided i violated their tos I would have to start all over but Google see the value I bring. I would suggest using different channels for different niches rather than having 1 channel or 1,000 channels.