I haven't noticed a boost for recently uploaded videos in Youtube rankings but I have seen that videos that have recent engagement tend to rank higher.  I would think that the best bet would be to upload at a time where your subscriber base / audience is most likely to engage with your video (comment, like, share, favorite).  If you can drive some engagement through your channel, blog, social media channels then you will be far more likely to show up.
Quick question: You say you don’t recommend payed views (i.e. fiverr) which is understandable for various reasons. However, would you say that if you start from scratch (no social network whatsoever and a brand-new video) it could be beneficial to buy maybe 2,000-5,000 views, a bunch of likes/subscribers/etc. just to get it started and then let it grow organically?
What I am starting to do right now is host my videos on Wistia and Vimeo for their superior customization, sharing and analytics capabilities and then just upload the video to my Youtube channel to get some extra views and an authority backlink. The biggest problem with Youtube is that it steals your customers. Why would I want to build backlinks to my Youtube channel so that my prospects can watch my video and click on a competitor's ad at the end of the video?
Some great stuff here. Especially your 17 powerful back-links post which I learned a couple of new things which is awesome. Thanks! My question is Bluehost allows you to have your (Hxxp://backlinko.c0m/bluehostdiscount) redirect to your Bluehost affiliate lander? Or is it you just can’t have your PPC URL as a redirect? I am not sure that I totally understand Bluehost terms. Thanks Brian.
Again, internal page rank, what I say that is that they're shuffling it, but they're trying to determine how well does your channel and your video really fit into the YouTube community? Ultimately, if you create awesome content and get great engagement, then you're not going to have any problems at all ranking for the keywords that you really need to rank.

A simple link to your video in your email signature can be an effective driver of traffic. As mentioned earlier, comments, shares and likes (thumbs up) are important ranking signals. Considering that your email recipients are most likely your service users, they are the audience most likely to be interested in video content related to the news and services that your business provides. Furthermore, a satisfied customer will more likely share the video if they find it useful.
Then, the last under the engagement side of things is likes and favorites. So there's a like button, just like Facebook. You can sit there, and you can thumbs up or thumbs down. You want, obviously, lots more thumbs up than you want thumbs down. You want people to say, "Hey, I love this video." But a thumbs down isn't the kiss of death for your video, because at least people are engaging with it, and they say, "Okay, I didn't like it." That might tell you, if you get too many thumbs down, that maybe you need to create a better video. But ultimately, you're looking for people to engage with the likes/dislikes side of things. And you also want them to favorite your video, which means that you really had an impact on them, that they really wanted to share it with their people. The more you share it and the more they share it, the better your video is going to rank.
Great post, Brian! I put up a bunch of videos on Youtube that were actually music tracks I produced.. come to find out Youtube banned by account. Why? Probably because I bought views from a website called vingler.com. All the views are from real people, but they are not high retention. I suppose that tripped some kind of red flag and Yotube shut my account down. I still have a personal account, though. I going to try this again!