Great article Brian – thanks! Quick question – I had kind of noticed that some search terms Google seems to not want to return videos in the results at all. If we can rank it for a longer tail keyphrase will Google then be more likely to consider ranking it for the original phrase you can’t get ranked for? For example,if I wanted to rank for Holiday Cottages in The Loire (which I wasn’t able to get a video to show up in at ALL for about the first 10 pages) – If I ranked it for How to Book Holiday Cottages in The Loire – would that help get a ranking for that first phrase I wanted to target (Holiday Cottages in The Loire)? Thanks

I have a similar philosophy.  The videos on my site are hosted on S3 with jw player but we are in the process of switching to Wistia.  The value of SEO and direct traffic outweighs the synergy that you get by embeding the youtube videos on our site.  I then use Youtube to try and capture traffic that I am not getting already and to try and build our brand.
When it comes down to all of this, content and engagement, there's actually an internal page rank system inside of Google and inside of YouTube that causes the rankings to fluctuate. That's why link building and inbound links work. That's why you have all of these different factors at play. When someone shares your video and it's on their channel, they're passing page rank to your video. When somebody accepts that as a video response on their video, they're passing page rank and authority to your channel and to your video. So you're going to want to make sure that you're engaging with the YouTube community, that you have your videos out there, that other people are engaging, because it's going to show up in their feed. Their feed is going to pass internal page rank to you.

They're looking at the quality of those views. That's why I put attention as the second part of number one. They're looking to see, how well are people receiving that? I don't know if you've ever logged in and looked at a specific video in the engagement report that you can get on YouTube. It's really cool. Basically, what you can see is how long people watched, where they fell off. So maybe you have a trailer on the end of your video. You're going to watch this nice graph, and everybody's following, following, following. Bam, they're gone. They got to the advertisement. They say,

WOW, That’s what i’d call a detailed, step by step guide. I have one question though. When you promote your youtube video (aka building backlinks), have you noticed if it affects it’s rankings inside youtube? Of course if a video is displayed on google it certainly has more views and likes which can affect it’s rankings inside youtube search engine, but i’d like to know if simply by building links on it, i will see positive results inside youtube.
Great stuff here. I already assumed about half of the things you mentioned, but the other half I hadn't really thought about (mostly on the engagement side)... It really opened my eyes. It's changed my overall perception of YouTube marketing... especially the stuff on channel authority and comments. So I give you the thumbs up. Plus you have an awesome first name.
Excellent video. I have a question though. As a content coordinator for a mid size IT firm, I have been tasked with creating really rocking youtube channels for the three brands under my companies umbrella. My question is, although I am currently transcribing the videos, is there a certain software SEO MOZ or someone else who has responded to this video, recommends for transcribing? I know of Dragon Naturally Speaking however is there anything else?

All of your profile links, like when you do an email, you're going to have your YouTube channel in the bottom. When you do a press release, you should have your YouTube on there. On your website, you should link to your YouTube channel. It's just natural that you're going to want to promote your YouTube channel, because your YouTube channel is important to you, and you want people to see the stuff that's there. So, that's something that kind of gets overlooked in the YouTube ranking factors, but inbound links are really important.

I know a few people who have tried software and none of them have found a solution that does it with enough accuracy to make them happy.  We either have one of our employees do the transcription or outsource it.  The video above was transcribed by speechpad.  There are a ton of companies out there that will do transcription for about $1 per minute.  You can find it even cheaper if you look hard.
1. If you do the things in this video on Youtube you will rank on Youtube and have an excellent chance of having your Youtube video appear in the universal search results on Google.  However, people who click on that will be delivered to Youtube not your site.  The better that your video ranks on Youtube the easier the universal result will be to get. 
Hi dean , thanks for his information before. I am trying to rank my youtube. Right now , I became the No. 1 video on youtube search. But I have not reached page one on google search. Especially after I type my keywords in there are many competitors i slap in page 2-3. but when i type in my keywords, I am in position 10 page 1.
Your the first person that I have found that has mentioned a “video search” in Google. This is a GREAT point that I will continue to look for and title in the right way to acquire these searches. I do mostly local SEO, and many of the terms that I want to target are not viable as “video searches” per say. I have found that combining reviews with local search terms works well, and that videos can rank about 5x faster than traditional SEO when done correctly.
I have one of my team members do the transcriptions here but I have outsourced them before when we had a lot to do (you can get transcriptions done by native english speakers on a certain $5 site for about 50cents per minute of video).  I take the transcription and upload it to youtube in the transcriptions tab so that I can get the cc logo and so that Google picks it up.  I then include a section in the video description with the transcription below the custom description that we write for each video (similar to the transcription included above).  I think that one of the most powerful things about that is that it helps you to use keywords and keyword phrases that you wouldn't necessarily think of using.  We also include the trasncription when we embed the video on our blog.

The logic that I use about video responses is that they take more time and more effort to produce than regular comments.  Also, they are difficult to get approved because they come from competitors and not from real users.  The fact that they are more difficult to get and are a higher level of engagement makes them more valuable.  I don't have absolute proof but I have seen a pattern of videos with video responses as part of their engagement outrank similarly engaged videos.
So good advice but you forgot to mention the second most important part to getting your video watched. So youre a nobody and no one knows about you how will you ever rank? keywords and all you talked about arent going to do it so what do you do? as soon as you post your video buy likes comments views and subs to rank thats the secret sauce my friends that gives your video a jumpstart to get it to place on the first page
YouTube is a very high authority site. Picture this… even though it’s no follow you’ll be surprised just how much juice you can get. 20 no follow backlinks from 20 high pr related channels will do wonders for your video. Said that to say this. Negative Seo is usually used to take out the competition. But if you upload videos from the same ip address that you use to do negative seo to your competitors or yourself, your account will be closed. Here are some facts from about 20 case studies I’ve done. Brian my apologies for high jacking your post. Keyword density 10% yes no more. Keyword in url hyper link, url first keyword first it differs so either or. Backlinks high pr do follow and no follow then views 200-400 max, then crappy backlinks for the boost since YouTube is high authority. It’s so easy I spend on average $5-$10 and usually beat Han Fan who usually make 20 videos a launch! Didn’t learn this from any course just case study after case study. Lately been spending more time optimizing vseo and less time trying to rank. Check this out Google search offline client sniper. Didn’t even upload with file name optimized, 0 backlinks just perfect vseo. Brian I’m more than happy to do a guest post no backlinks needed just glad to help.